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ahahha December 5, 2010 22:06

simulation Problem
hi alll

good day,

i am currently try to simulate the turbine in solar chimney, any advise on how to set the boundary? or on the other hand, how to set the air flow to study the motion of blade itself?

thanks for the help..

ghorrocks December 6, 2010 07:36

Do you just want to model the turbine? Then just set up boundary conditions and run as per a normal rotor/stator simulation. Do you want to model the air flow rising up the chimney? Then model the whole thing but I would recommend just putting the turbine in as a momentum sink as you probably can't model both the chimney and the turbine together adequately.

ahahha December 6, 2010 11:10

if possible i would like to simulate both turbine and chimney.
thanks for the reply and advice.

anyway, i am drawing the turbine using catia, is that possible i import in iges file and set the boundary in cfx?
generate the turbine using bladegen?

ghorrocks December 6, 2010 18:00

Modelling both the turbine and chimney is very difficult and usually unnecessary. The length scales vary over such a wide range it is unlikely you will get any useful results with this, unless you have access to a supercomputer.

It is FAR easier to separate them out and deal with them separately.

You can generate the turbine any method you like. Both Catia or bladegen will be fine. But I would avoid IGES import, parasolid is a better format.

ahahha December 7, 2010 05:41

Thanks for the reply again...

after the turbine had been generate in catia. is that possible for me to set the boundary in cfx?

let say, after cretae a turbine in catia, i import it into 'MESH'. after meshing.i link it to cfx and set the boundary in cfx ?

is that the correct way for simulation?

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