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Pavelko December 20, 2010 01:43

Hello All,

I want to use the following expression in inlet boundary condition:


where omega,Pmax are defined.
But I get the following error:

Bad expression value 'Pin' detected in parameter 'Relative Pressure' in object '/FLOW:Flow Analysis 1/DOMAIN:Default Domain/BOUNDARY:Inlet/BOUNDARY CONDITIONS/MASS AND MOMENTUM'.
CEL error:
The dimensions of the argument to function 'step' are inconsistent with expected dimensions.
Argument dimensions resolve to 's'; expected '<dimensionless>'.

Please help.

Lance December 20, 2010 03:20

Your step functions need to be dimensionless, just as the error says.

Change step(t-0.02) to step((t-0.02[s])/1[s]) for example.

cougarCFD December 20, 2010 03:41

Yes, Lance is right! Wherever you have something that has a dimension in your expression, you need to divide it for its dimension unit. So, wherever you have time, you need to divide by 1 [s].

Pavelko December 22, 2010 06:26

Ok, it works!

Thank you very much!

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