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jarrai December 30, 2010 09:20

static pressure went outside the limite
I simulate thermal-hydraulic performance of the heavy liquid metal,during simulation run i get a Note message:
"while evaluating static entropy,static pressure went outside the limite. it minimum value was -9.8327e3.the bound errror was handled by clipping if this simulation prosist,consider increasing the table range".

Can anybody help me understand the Note message?

Dimone December 30, 2010 09:28

Obviously, you use some real liquid model. As I understand for myself for those liquids interdependencies of physical values are described analytically, but passed to solver as table of values. So, you should define the range in which those tables should be precalculated (the range in which material properties can vary). In properties of such materials in second tab (do not remember name exactly) at the bottom there is a property - something like "table range". Give there the min and max values for all physical values, which are used in fluid model being used (pressure, temperature etc.).

If you do not define those settings, you should have warning (or info) message in CFX-Pre output.

Actually, I did not meet this problem, while working with liquids (as I work most with gases), but this happened for me, when I started to use real gases models. There are some explanations on this topic in CFX documentation.

jarrai December 31, 2010 07:35

Thank you for your help:):

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