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BalanceChen January 6, 2011 01:46

RSH on Windows for CFX parallel computation
I am trying to run CFX with distributed parallel, and the first step is to setup the rsh service. I do as the Installation and Licensing tell, such as copy the rshd file from the <CFXROOT>\bin\windows\rshd.exe to the system directory C:\Windows(for my 64-bit Window, and then install the rshd with cmd commander.

After installing it, I configure the Log On As to System Account to This Account, which is an user accout as it is told in the Installation Documentation. And then i start the RSH service in the service panel.

The problem now is that, when I check if the rsh service is worked using the comman like "rsh <hostname> cmd /c set", it tells me that the rsh can't establish the connection. It does't work either on the administrator or the user account owning the rsh service.

To be added, there is no path list of C:\windows\system32 in my PATH list. But I just do as the documentation told me, Is anyone know the reason? What should I do?

Thanks in advance,


JACZ March 21, 2011 22:10

did you check if the service RSH is runing? may be is installed but is not started

BalanceChen March 21, 2011 23:51

I have given up the distributed parallell computation on Windows, thank you all the same~

marceloguerra1 June 15, 2012 12:34

I having a similar problem, but when I tried following thing:

C:\Windows\rsh>rsh host cmd /c echo working
cannot log in as local user 'cfxuser', remote user 'cfxuser'
Permission denied by rshd

Could anyone help me to solve this problem?


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