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mohammad January 9, 2011 09:19

What does this error mean???
Hi everybody...

I'm running a wind turbine model with approximately 3,000,000 grids.
I'm using one CPU and after 52 iterations my model had ERROR #004100007

Although 52 is very small number for talking anything about the final convergence, but my "Thrust" force and other graphs were showing possibly a converging results...But that error!!!!

Can you tell me how to solve it??? :)

| ERROR #004100007 has occurred in subroutine FINDL_USE. |
| Message: |
| No connection from equation 2182439 to 2182430 found. |

| An error has occurred in cfx5solve: |
| |
| The ANSYS CFX solver exited with return code 1. No results file |
| has been created. |


ghorrocks January 9, 2011 20:39

That is a weird one, I have no idea what that is talking about. If you run it again does it still appear? If you change something (eg change the time step size of something trivial) does it reappear?

mohammad January 14, 2011 00:38

Solution for that error
Hi Guys...
I solved my problem..the solution is a little bit strange but it worked.
Very simply, I just restarted my PC and run the ".def" file again; It was good :) .

I'm not a computer master but I think there must be something about stored data in Ram or Cache or....

Anyway!!!If you also have this problem , test this solution.
Good Luck

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