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salvooch January 9, 2011 21:52

Waves and a floating body... in CFX?
Hi, I'm relatively new to CFD, so please bear w/ me...

I want to look at the effectiveness of a breakwater on decreasing the sea state in open water, but the breakwater is a floating at the air/water interface due to it's own buoyancy.

Are you able to have a floating body in CFX? The minimal work I've done was where the object is in the flow field (airfoils, etc.).

I've done the 'flow over a bump' tutorial and gotten wave action by varying the speed over the bump, but not sure if this is the most effective way to 'induce' waves. Am I even using the right software (CFX)?

Thanks in advance to any help!

ghorrocks January 10, 2011 17:33

This is best done in CFX V13 using immersed solids and the 6 DOF solver.

salvooch January 12, 2011 18:30

I'll do the immersed solids tutorial (buoy) an see if I the output is useable for what I want to look at. Thanks, and I welcome any additional information!

salvooch January 13, 2011 02:36

Tutorial done...
Ok, after running the tutorial, looks like what I need. That said, does anyone know how to induce different sea states? or create a wave pool?

Meaning, anyone already run code to induce sea state 2, 3, etc., or know what type of movement of the boundaries has to be done in order to induce waves of a specific period (like a wave pool or test tank would have)?


ghorrocks January 13, 2011 17:54

Do a search on the forum for modelling ocean waves. There was a post on it some time ago which defined a good model for ocean waves.

salvooch January 13, 2011 22:48

Thanks, I'll do a search tonight

xlxc34 January 14, 2011 06:04

Sounds like Orcaflex could be suitable software to me.

ghorrocks January 15, 2011 07:45

Or ANSYS AQUA. This will be a tricky model to get accurate in any CFD code.

salvooch January 19, 2011 18:53

Thanks. For now (at least), I'm going to try the 6 DOF/immersed body method (tutorial 32).

For some reason, my university's Workbench doesn't have the hydro module available to tie into AQWA, yet we have AQWA available... Either way, I can't seem to get it to launch AQWA, and am in the process of asking IT and various CFD profs for help w/ it.

xlxc34 January 20, 2011 05:03

I don't know if this will be of any help, but Stephen Salter at Edinburgh university has done a lot of research on wave making. His papers might save you some time getting the type of waves that you want.

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