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yschati January 13, 2011 03:09

Oscillating residual
Hello all
I am doing a simulation through the duct of an aircraft compressor. Air comes in at higher temperature into the duct. Inside the domain, cooler air is injected through holes. So basically I am simulating flow with heat transfer.
Unfortunately I am getting an oscillatory residual behaviour which is non converged. As a result, the solution is absurd (like the mass flow is not conserved between the inlet, outlet and injection ports).
Can someone suggest what to do?
Please, it is urgent.

ghorrocks January 13, 2011 17:54

montgoal June 21, 2017 22:24

ghorrocks posts this link easily 10 times a day

ghorrocks June 21, 2017 23:50

It feels like that sometimes. Maybe I should rename the link as "really frequently asked questions".

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