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Saima January 13, 2011 20:34

Fanno flow (pipe flow) in CFX

I am solving simple fanno line problem in CFX from a text book. But i am not getting the same mass flow rate.

the problem description is here:
L = 0.20 m
D = 0.01m

P01 = 650 Kpa
T02 =1000K

M1 = 2.601
mdot1 = 0.0225 kg/sec
V1 =1075m/sec

air: gamma =1.4 ( i choose idea gass in CFX)
R = 287

calculated analytical from Fanno flow: (f= 0.02); compressible flow with friction and contant area
Initially dont know any exit condition
P2 = 89.37Kpa
T2= 425.2K

kindly let me know how to put boundary conditions.

cfdhw December 17, 2012 06:36

Any success on this?
Hi Saima,

Did you manage to resolve this? I have the same issues as yours. Which text book you are referring to?


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