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aliemadi January 17, 2011 05:29

RPI Wall Boiling Problem
Dear all Friend
I have a problem with a subcooled boiling model. I'm looking for some help from people who are familiar with the RPI Wall boiling model in CFX
I am trying to model boiling in a straight heated tube. The problem is set up by steady,constant property material,both as continuous fluid,buoyant,Homogenous turbulence,mixtuer two phase model and RPI wall boiling model.
My problem is as following: Depending on the problem condition the calculation crashes after some number of iterations following a huge number repetitions of the following message:

" cal_TSUP1 WARNING: Changing upper bound for heat partition algorithm "

and at the end the error message is the following:

" ERROR #001100279 has occurred in subroutine ErrAction. Message: Heat partitioning algorithm failed to fix upper bound of bisection

Details of error:- ---------------- Error detected by routine FNDFIL CFNAME = * CRESLT = OLD

Can anybody help about this problem?
thanks to all
Ali Emadi

abubakarizhar March 24, 2016 07:30

Rpi model
Try to set physical time-scale to 0.02 sec or lower for steady state simulation.

ghorrocks March 28, 2016 18:16

You are doing quite a specialised simulation so you should expect some difficult convergence issues. This is not a simulation to be attempted by a beginner.

I have no specific experience in what you are doing so cannot help you directly, other than the general tips listed in this FAQ:

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