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brunorgs January 19, 2011 12:03

sulphur combustion modelling
in my work we had received a proposal for optimizing a sulphur furnace, so that it will produce the smallest amount of SO3 possible. The problem is that the furnace inlet is composed of a spray of liquified sulphur, and we need to model the sulphur/air reaction, since there is nothing like that in the default CFX database. Does anyone know if it is possible to simulate this problem in CFX, and if so, what kind of sulphur properties is necessary?

ghorrocks January 19, 2011 19:38

CFX can model chemistry. This model sounds possible. It will involve a lot of sub-models for things such as:

Spray - particle tracking including breakup/coalescence, chemistry
Atmosphere - chemistry

As long as you have a good knowledge of all the above a model should be possible.

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