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Procyon January 27, 2011 07:56

Imported ICEM mesh has additional body in the mesh
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Heyho everyone,

I have made a mesh of a quarter of a pipe in ICEM CFD and would like to use CFX-Pre to set up the simulation. My problem is that CFX-Pre inserts a body into my mesh which is a little bit smaller than the whole mesh and treats this body as a wall. I have no idea what's happening there ...

I attached a screenshot. The body shown with mesh lines is called "PART_1_1_1_MATPOINT External" and is automatically created by CFX-Pre. This is the body that acts as a wall in the simulation because CFX-Pre automatically creates a boundary condition for this body which I cannot delete nor change.

I just want to have my ICEM mesh in CFX-Pre and my 5 outer surfaces to create boundary conditions ... :(

What did I do wrong?

I am using Ansys 12.0.1.

Thanks in advance,

ghorrocks January 27, 2011 17:21

You have not set up your mesh correctly. Do the tutorials for ICEM so you understand how it works.

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