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vmlxb6 February 1, 2011 19:44

Low values of Lift force
I am trying to simulate a flow over a cylinder in 2-D. Its a 1 way FSI moving mesh problem. I am getting very low values of vertical displacement due to low vertical forces ??? I don't understand the main reason for it. I followed the following steps but failed:

1.) Tried changing the mesh from unstruc to struc. hexa
2.) Tried changing the outlet BC's
3.) Tried increasing the boundary layer thickness.
4.) Tried running the program at very very low courant number like in the range of 0.02
5.) Tried reducing the values of residuals even further. Its currently at RMS 1.E-4
6.) Tried reducing the mesh displacement residuals even lower than E-4

Nothing seemed to work. I need to match up the lift forces with the experimental values which is greater than mine.

Am all out of tries. Is there anything else I can try ?????

Thank you.

ghorrocks February 2, 2011 06:13

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