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siden February 3, 2011 05:33

combustion radiation and condensation in cfx

I hat to modelling a condensation heater with ansys.
actually, i'm using cfx.

So i must have a modelisation of the combustion, condensation in the smoke area, heat exchange between smoke area, steel and water cooling area. And the final temperature of the smoke should create condensation so i have to model the condensation too.

which model do i have to use for that? i look a bit in cfx for condensation. I read on the cfx manual have to have a droplet phase for condensation in more than a continuous phase (gas combustion). But when i have this phase, radiation can't be activated.

so how can i do?

ghorrocks February 3, 2011 18:39

You are describing a very challenging model. Why are you modelling everything? I think you will find you will get much better results if you concentrate on the bit you are really interested in and model that properly.

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