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vishal.indomitable February 14, 2011 02:23

Free Surface Flow
Hi Dear all,
I want to use ANSYS CFX to model a jet of water coming out of nozzle impinging on a flat plate. The inlet boundary condition is Velocity at the inlet of the nozzle. What can be the outlet boundary conditions and the expressions for creating the jet of water in air?
Please help me.

ghorrocks February 14, 2011 05:54

For setting up what I assume is a free surface multiphase simulation have a look at the flow over a bump tutorial example.

Your outlet can probably be an outlet or opening. Which is best will depend on exactly what you are modelling.

alastormoody11 February 15, 2011 03:37


you can also take a look at Flow from a circular vent which deals with smoke jet emanating from a chimney and hence is very much similar to your simulation. Also regarding the boundary conditions you can choose a pressure outlet as the boundary by taking a sufficiently large CV.

vishal.indomitable February 22, 2011 00:05

Thank You Dear. Thanks for your reply. I've tried these tutorials. Outlet boundary condition will be opening to atmosphere i.e., constant pressure at outlet. But I've not got the results accurately. Some expressions or functions needs to be defined. Please Can you suggest me what expressions should I create?

vishal.indomitable August 24, 2011 06:44

Hello Dear all,
Greetings of the day. Please someone help me in creating the expressions. I've tried many but the results using function calculator and theoretical results vary by about 9.72% which is vary large.

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