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Araz February 20, 2011 23:01

Mesh Movement - (ALE) Equations

I want to redesign the geometry of a compressor blade using CFX 12.1 and I know that I will need mesh movement during the process. I have my Fortran code to account for this deformation however, question is that, I have used Arbitrary Lagrangian-Eularian (ALE) method in my code and I want to know whether CFX , for performing mesh deformation, is in conformity with ALE equations and gives correct results or not? I couldn't find anything in this regard within tutorial or user manual guides. I would be grateful if anybody ,who has a similar experience, answer my question.

Thanks in advance,

ghorrocks February 21, 2011 01:27

CFX does not care what method you use to set the location of the mesh nodes, the only important parameter is the locations themselves. The quality of the resolution of the motion (eg motion smoothly defined, no jumps, sudden starts or stops) is the only thing which counts.

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