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oyvinl February 21, 2011 11:57

Multiple probe points
Hi! I`m relative new to Ansys CFX and hope someone can answer my question.

I made a mesh in TurboGrid of an centrifugal compressor, and simulates this in CFX... works fine... but I want to insert 5 points through the blade passage at some coordinates/selected points and extract the values for pressure at these points so I can compare them to experimental results.

I want these points to be constant so that I can run different simulations with for example varying volume flow, and read out pressure difference at these 5 points.


bharath February 21, 2011 21:36

there is two way to do this.

1.If you want to do it after solving, then in cfx post you can create points and using function calculator you can get values.

2.If you want to do it in when solving itself, use source points in pre.define points using coordinates then create an expression like (probe(pressure)@sourcepoint1) and monitor values while solving.

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