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juanmariacg February 22, 2011 08:18

Modelling the liquid evacuation in the shoe-floor contact
Hi everybody,

Im trying to simulate the contact between one shoe and the floor with water. Actually, I need this simulation to evaluate the liquid evacuation ability of several shoes (soles) and compare between then.

I have no idea of how can I deal with this problem...Ill appreciate some advice...

thanks in advance!

tctczxh February 22, 2011 14:08

This one seems to be interesting.

the first issue could be what parameter of the system do you want to obtain from the simulation to determine the 'liquid evacuation ability'?

ghorrocks February 22, 2011 18:14

Is the sole flexible? Is the motion of the sole predefinied or can it be affected by the fluid motion? For instance, if the sole forms a thin stable film then the wearer will slip over - I guess that is what you are trying to model.

If that is the case then this sounds like a 6DOF model, and possibly a FSI model.

Also have a look in the literature, I think for squeeze films. There should be quite a bit of stuff on this in applications like journal bearings.

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