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vmlxb6 March 4, 2011 20:04

Flow over a cylinder (1 way FSI)
I know there has been tons of post on flow over a moving cylinder (transient simulation), so pardon me please.
I would like to know the following:

1. what should be my mesh stiffness so that the boundary layer does not get deformed to give me weird results.
2. Right now am using a hexa structured mesh. I need to know what kind of mesh would be appropriate ??? My struct mesh gives me good results for Re = 525 but not for 200 (solution diverges).

Thank you.

ghorrocks March 6, 2011 18:13

A good quality structured mesh will always help, it is not the cause of the divergence at Re=200. Providing it is good quality the cause of divergence is something else.

vmlxb6 March 6, 2011 18:53

I have a square domain with a circle in the center. Velocity inlet to the left, Pr. outlet to the right, and velocity inlet to the top and bottom. The circle is a wall.
The document you always refer us to " CFD Online ANSYS FAQ" talks about steady state convergence but not about transient convergence. Any help on that.

Thank you.

ghorrocks March 7, 2011 19:56

Yes, the FAQ talks about steady state but most of the same principles apply to transient. Obviously you have the additional requirement of choosing an appropriate time step size.

If you are getting good convergence at Re=525 and poor at 200 then a flow feature (eg vortex shedding) is probably causing it.

vmlxb6 March 7, 2011 22:08

any suggestions as to what I must be doing to resolve it ???

ghorrocks March 8, 2011 17:54

Try smaller timesteps. For more detail you would have to post the relevant bit of the out file to diagonse the problem.

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