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nw_ds March 6, 2011 12:36

Propeller in the ATmosphere
Hello MyName is Mohammed

i am still new at this so i appreciate help in as much details as possible

my problem is that i want to do propeller simulation in atmosphere

i made CAD of the propeller in a cylindrical domain
but I have two problems
(1) the BC (inlet , outlet , sides of the cylinder)
(2) the i heard that i need to put not in 1 rotating domain but in 2 domain the outer is stationary and the inner
is rotating

if you need the CAD of the propeller my email is public i can send it for you
thank you very much

I appreciate fast reply thank you

ghorrocks March 6, 2011 18:01

You only need the out stationary domain if it contains some stationary geometry. If you only have the propeller (or everything rotates with it) then just use a single rotating domain.

nw_ds March 6, 2011 19:44

what about the BC ??

Attesz March 7, 2011 08:29

I imagine your problem, and i think you should do these steps:
1. define the rotor domain, which includes only the rotor walls and the air close to it. you dont have to model the solid of the rotor (i assume). Set the rotational domains with the desired rotating velocity
2. define 2 domains at the "inlet" and "outlet" sides of the rotor as stationary domains.
3. there will be 2 interfaces between them, look in the help for frozen rotor and stage options and suggestions
4. i would use opening as boundary condition everywhere, and setting 0 pa relative pressure and environmental temperature. of course you can use inlet and outlet, they are numerically stable except there are backflows (wall placed on...well known issue). use opening first

on the other hand, look in the compressor tutorial, which is very same to yours problem. rotor, compressor wheel...doesn't matter :)

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