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brajh11 March 8, 2011 17:55

Oil combustion
I want to do a CFD simulation of oil combustion in a small burning device.

But i have some problems with pressures. If i use values from tutorial (domain: reference pressure 1 atm, outlet: relative pressure 0 Pa) => i have got incorrect values for pressure in CFD Post.

I want simulate a state for optimal lambda= 1.2.

Pressure from experiments: pressure in the combustor max. 2 bar, outlet is the atmospheric pressure - chimney. But i am not sure which values is the best to use in CFX to simulate this conditions (reference pressure for domain and relative pressure for outlet).

If i use values for pressure from tutorial => i must use for air inlet massflow: 0.027 kg/s to get similar products of combustion which i got during the experiments (CO, CO2, H2O, NO) => the value from experiment for air inlet massflow is 0.017 kg/s => i think the problem is pressures?

i use in CFX- i have got this values from experiment:
fuel inlet massflow: 0.000861 kg/s
air inlet massflow: 0.017 kg/s
oil nozzle pressure: 12 bar

Do you maybe anybody know which pressure is the best option in my case and why i must use greater air inlet massflow?

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