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Pepita March 8, 2011 23:37

Ducted wind turbine (BC for the shroud)
Dear all,

I'm working on modelling wind turbines with CFX. I've already got satisfactory results on a bare wind turbine (validated with experimental data). However, I can not get good results for the ducted wind turbine. I used MFR for the unducted turbine, so I did for the ducted wind turbine. But I'm not sure if this will be the right settings for the shrouded WT)...I used exactly the same BC exept for the duct (before it was not there) so I gave couter wall velocity to the duct (the blade sees it rotating to the opposite direction of omega.) It's a steady state simulation, the residuals are set to 10^-5 and #iteration to 1000, the convergence is obtained in some of the TSR (i run different simulations with different omega) but not in all. But the results for ducted wind turbine are terrible!!!:confused:

Any help is much appreciated and many thanks for taking the time to read the post.:)



ghorrocks March 9, 2011 19:47

Have you done all the normal checks - sensitivity analysis of mesh size, convergence, timestep size (if transient), bonudary proximity and any other physical models?

Pepita March 14, 2011 22:20

thank u
Thanks a lot ghorrocks!I've tried your suggestions and it turns out I didn't realize my mesh was not as good as I expected.....Sorry and thanks for taking the time to reply!

cheers :)

syedrizvi June 29, 2013 07:05

Shroud Wind Power
Is any body know the physics drying for wind shear for installation 200w Shroud wind turbine on roof top.

ghorrocks June 29, 2013 07:09

Please start a new thread rather than hijacking an old thread. And when you do this please make your question clearer so I do not understand what you said.

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