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Silmaril March 10, 2011 07:53

Monitor Points values in CFX-Solver
I've search through the user guide but I wasn't able to find this specific information...

In order to store a huge amount of data in several points during a very long transient simulation, I set monitor points in needed locations in order to have data for each timestep directly in the solver window (without having to save the variables for all the timesteps through all the domain).

When I analyze such data (exported directly from the solver window) I find that some adjacent points have exactly the same values. If I analyze the same values (only available for some timestep) in CFX-post, data at those points is different.

Does anyone know if the solver monitored points return the values of the nearest node without any interpolation while the post (with probe feature) interpolates such values between nodes?

If this is not the case, what can be the reason for having the same values (exactly) in different monitor points?

Thanks in advance :)

stumpy March 10, 2011 09:48

That's correct - the solver returns a nearest nodal value while Post will interpolate. Before the solver runs there's information on which node has been assigned to each monitor point.

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