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drb764 March 13, 2011 10:53

Resistance Loss Coefficient
can someone tell me how to calculate the "Resistance Loss Coefficient" and/or the "Linear Resistance Coefficient" for use in the CFX Porosity Settings Tab?
Found nothing on the web unfortunately, so thanks a lot in advance!

ghorrocks March 13, 2011 19:01

You use the coefficients to match a porous medium to experimental results. Do youy have experimental results?

jiguozhao March 13, 2011 23:44

make use of you experiment data of pressures and velocities. you can refer the equation 1.146 in ANSYS CFX-Solver Theory Guide, at page 33. then you can obtain Kperm and Kloss via your experimental data. you can contact me if you like, because i just studied that days ago.

drb764 March 14, 2011 07:14

what i have are the laminar and turbulent permeabilities k1 and k2 which correspond to this equation:

dP/L = mu/k1 * U + rho/k2 * U^2

Looks similar to the equation in Solver Theory Guide, but are these the values I need?

Thank you so far!

will321321 April 21, 2014 02:28

Hi Gentlemen,

I am on the process of calculating the Linear & Quadratic loss coeff. Via experimental Data (V vs P) but the equation im getting from the graph is giving a negative (-) Value for permeability.

Please Help me remedy this problem.

Thank you very Much.

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