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rafiktharwat March 14, 2011 12:38

Questions about smoke modeling using CFX
Questions about smoke modeling using CFX
- I am searching for help to simulate a smoke module with Taking in consider in This module :
1-The rate of production of smoke along The Time of Burning
2-Simulating the fire Built-up and to calculate the firing Time to the fire distinguish
3-The rate of Heat Released from the fire Built-up To the distinguish of the fire Due to the complete combustion of The Burning substance (fuel)
4- The temperature variation and palm simulating of the fire and Its effect on The smoke production and movement
5- The concentration of the smoke particles with air
6-The visibility Throw the smoke along the complete Burning process
7- The movement of The Smoke
8-TaKing in consideration the different phenomena of the smoke properties as Coalgate etc...
-I need help in:
1-finding a similar Module
2-References and papers about the previous points Theories and calculations
3-what are the concepts to do this simulation using CFX
4- What is The Ideas to input these equations and the variables in The CFX?
5-And what is the ability to do this simulation using CFX
6-If there is another CFD Software can produce more efficient such simulation better Than CFX

Thanks Very much for wasting your time by my Question
And thanks for Any Ideas and hints about achieving this simulation

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