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garychem March 17, 2011 20:43

Boundary Conditions while using Symmetry planes
Hi all,
I am using symmetry planes in the geometry. From what I understand, if I'm designing a quarter section of the equipment, the inlet mass flow rates will also be quarter of that of the equipment as a whole. However, will the same condition be applied to the outlet pressure? I am using an outlet pressure of 17 kPa (outlet pressure for the whole equipment), so should I use 1/4th the outlet pressure for the quarter section?

Lance March 18, 2011 03:37

Pressure is an intensive property and does not depend on the system size, unlike mass which is a extensive property.

So, no, you should set 17 kPa at your outlet.

garychem March 18, 2011 20:22

Thanks a lot for the information.

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