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Henry Arrigo March 19, 2011 18:57

Numerical beach!
Hello all.
Modeling the wave generation by an oscillating body I need to set a boundary condition which prevents wave reflection by absorbing its energy. For short wavelengths, stretching grids in the advancing direction will work but for long waves it is needed to insert a porous zone in the vicinity of outlets or to impose a dissipation function so that waves in flow boundaries cut down. Inserting the porous media will enlarge domain and thus more computational efforts will be required. For imposing a dissipation function as a numerical beach I read the presentation of Paterson for OpenFoam: - slides#16, 17. I really get confused how should I this dissipation function and more important how can I impose this function to the whole domain?
Is initialization with such a function gonna help?

I m looking for your helps please.
Regards, Henry

Niru December 12, 2012 16:08

waves/numerical beach in CFX
I want to model waves in CFX
I came across a numerical beach simulation. I would like to know if there are any CFX tutorial files available for doing this.

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