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mogoko March 22, 2011 11:53

conjugate heat transfer with phase change
Hi to all,
I'm simulating conjugate heat transfer with phase change. A cold fluid flows in outer pipe, and a hot fluid flows in inner pipe, a solid domain conducts the heat flow between them. The cold fluid will be heated to evaporate.
Both the inlet velocities are quite low, so I set the flow as laminar.
However, the solution couldn't come to convergence.
Then I tried to set the flow as turbulence, the solution could convergence well, but there was a new problem that the heat transfer solution looked bad. The cold fluid could not evaporate however I changed both the inlet conditions. And the monitor which I set before indeed kept at an invariant liquid volume fraction value of 1.
What the cause of these problems? Mesh? Phase change model?

ghorrocks March 22, 2011 22:34

Sounds like you should build up your model one bit at a time. You have a number of complex systems and you need to get them working well by themselves before they will work together.

I would model the evaporating cold fluid by itself and make sure that works reliably before I added CHT and the hot fluid.

mogoko March 23, 2011 12:25

Um, before this I've made a simple simulation with evaporation only. I tried both particle model and mixture model which both came to a good solution. Then I made a conjugate heat transfer simulation without phase change, it also performed well. However, once I conjugated fluid and solid, problems came out.

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