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famarcfd March 24, 2011 11:15

Compression of CFX results files
Hi all,
I am working with Ansys CFX for performing my CFD analysis and i usually have to store files of many gigabytes.
I tried to use different tools (like 7-zip) for compressing my results files, but, even if i use the maximum/ultra compression ratio, i can not reduce their sizes significantly.
Anyone know a way for an effective compression of results files (.res) of CFX?

Thanks in advance.

joey2007 March 24, 2011 14:41

Write them out as ascii and then compress:D

Or leave the res as it is, because it is already compressed.

shreyasr December 28, 2012 02:21

Hi, I realise this is an old post and maybe you were working with an older version of CFX, but nevertheless :

In the output control tab, under results, there are some options you can choose from. If you go through the CFX manual ( ) , page 166, there are some details available.

Choosing the 'Essential' Option is safer and probably quicker, for clean restarts and slightly quicker convergence.

Choosing the 'selected variables' option will also help, as long as they cover the essential variables, but it seems, this will have to be done everytime.

Maybe one possible way of automating this, is to setup a custom .cfx file, via the settings, and then choosing the appropriate compression options you want. Then you just change the mesh/boundary conditions, etc.

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