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mcnair March 27, 2011 23:42

combustion problem
Hello guys,

I have a question about one problem that im facing when i try to carry out he combustion of Jet A.

I ve already designed my geometry, and seems to work fine without any problems. the problem that i have, its that when i get the pressure profile along the combustion chamber, it says that the pressure at the beginning (before ignition) increase, at the ignition point decrease, and then increase again...that doesnt make sense to me.....why does the pressure increase at the end of the combustion chamber?
as far as i know at the moment where combustion takes place, the pressure, temperature and velocity increase...but my presure first decrease and then increase again..

and other problem is that im getting negative pressures in some parts...

if you could help me i would really appreciate.

thanks in advance!

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