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cavani April 9, 2011 08:30

Simulating pneumatic conveying with air and cement
Hi, I am having trouble simulating the flow of air and cement multiphase through a pipe. I am unsure how to specify the materials for this. The type of model is Eulerian.

Any help on how I would do this would be greatly appreciated.:confused:

cavani April 9, 2011 10:15

Would I be correct in saying that for a Eulerian model the cement phase would have to be defined as a fluid?

ghorrocks April 10, 2011 06:51

Do the tutorial examples which come with CFX. ANSYS also runs some good training for multiphase modelling. If you are asking basic questions like this I recommend you attend one. Either that or do some research and reading on the various multiphase approaches. You really have to know what you are doing with multiphase flows.

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