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farianka April 17, 2011 16:28

Valve simulation with spring - FSI? Help!
I have been assigned a job to simulate the air flow inside the hollow valve of cylindrical shape. There is a piston moving inside the valve, which has a lid and by moving up and down it closes and opens the valve, hence regulates the flow of air through the valve. The piston is attached to valve via spring.
Now, I have no idea how to approach this problem, since I have no experience with this type of set up, I simulated the flow around the car in Ansys CFX previously, but this is different. I need to find out what load should be on the spring to achieve the optimum position of the piston inside the valve, hence optimum flow volume. I am aware that there is something called FSI in Ansys, that deals with valves, but not sure, if this particular case can be resolved via FSI and how complex it is. I have been offered this job, which I have to resolve within 12 weeks, but not sure if this is more complex than I thought. Can anyone advise on what is the best approach to model this?
Thanks a lot.

sail April 17, 2011 18:04

moving mesh, tutorial 20-21 or 22 can't actually remember

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