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creddy_trddc April 25, 2011 13:04

Particle Tracking with Multiphase flow
Can any please tell me with CFX is it possible to simulate two-phase flow along with particle tracking? here I am considering two phases as continuous.

When I m trying to simulate I am getting the following error in CFX-Pre

"Particle tracking simulations with more than one continuous Eulerian phase are not supported."

Thanks in advance :)

Agasty May 20, 2011 01:28

You are getting this error because particle tracking needs either a fluid or solid in dispersed phase or a Particle transport model.

In CFX this is possible to set on the Basic Settings tab of the Domain tab.

1) In the OPTION tab of CFX pre doubble click on Domain, in the tree view.

2) In the BASIC SETTINGS tab for a selected fluid or solid material in 'FLUID AND PARTICLE DEFINITIONS', select a required fluid type option from the drop down list of MORPHOLOGY - OPTION.

set rest of the settings accordingly. You also need to take care with what you actually need to model, ie, if you need both the fluids in continous phase, possibly what you are looking for is VOLUME FRACTION.

All the best

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