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neilth April 30, 2011 03:55

Vented Brake Rotor
]I am modelling a vented brake rotor in CFX in ANSYS 13.0. As advised in an ANSYS tutorial my model has three domains: a solid encased in a 1mm film of air that also fills the passages between the rotor faces that rotate together and are both surrounded by a large block of air moving in the axial direction. The problem is that the air does not flow between the two fluid domains (fluid-fluid interface) once the disc is in motion despite how much external air is channeled toward the entry ends of the vanes i.e. the air is not flowing through the ventilation passages.

ghorrocks April 30, 2011 06:45

Sounds like a basic problem with the rotating frames of reference setup and/or the GGI interface. Build the model up set by step, maybe first with everything stationary and check that works before adding rotation.

neilth May 9, 2011 00:04

I have rebuilt the model step by step. The frame change/mixing model is Transient Rotor Stator. The mesh connection is GGI. Both the rotor and internal air are set as rotating Domain Motion.
There still appears to be no flow through the rotor passages. There is pressure on the lead face of the passages which I presume is from the rotational forces, not the centrifugal forces that should be coming from the vanes of the rotor.

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