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mohammad May 24, 2011 22:56

CFX11 Vs. CFX12/ CFX13
I'm simulating the NREL wind turbine model with CFX11.

At this stage, my plan is to investigate the different turbulent models( DES, SST, SA) and transitional flow.

I have some questions now.

1-Do you have any information about the advantages of the newer versions over CFX 11 about the use of turbulent models? is there any newer turbulent option or influential modification available in newer versions?

2-I read the REF[1] about a transitional model and its better prediction of wind turbine performance. Is this model available in Ansys CFX v11( 2007!!!). If not, which version of CFX has this transitional model?

[1]-Predicting 2D Airfoil and 3D Wind Turbine Rotor Performance using a Transition Model for General CFD Codes; R.B. Langtry, J. Gola, and F.R. Menter , AIAA; 2006

ghorrocks May 25, 2011 06:38

There has been incremental development on the solvers generally. The V13 solver runs 10% or 20% faster than V11, maybe more.

The turbulence models and general solver has had incremental development. I am not exactly sure which version of CFX has which turbulence model.

I cannot see why you would do anything but get the current version. ANSYS will not sell you an old version, so why consider it?

mohammad May 26, 2011 03:11

Dear Glenn Horrocks.
Thank you for your help.
To those how may read this page later:
The transitional model is available in CFX-11. And the details are presented in "ANSYS CFX Transition Model Formulation " section of Ansys help.
Also if you see the above help pages , you will see it's similar with the Menter[AIAA-2006] paper. it means that the in CFX-11 the cited paper is used.

Good Luck :)

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