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sidzishere May 31, 2011 06:16

Unstructured Mesh using Mesh adaption

I have been trying to perform mesh adaption on a structured hexa-mesh using CFX and the resultant mesh is always without any hanging nodes. This in turn produces a large expansion ratio across cells which makes the results to lose convergence after adaption. Is there some way to adjust the adaption parameters to make the mesh adaption behave better. If the same adaption is done using fluent, the mesh generated is more uniform without large expansions because fluent allows the generation of hanging nodes.

Could someone help me with this issue.
Thanks a lot in advance

baserinia May 31, 2011 10:18

Hi, You're question is not very clear. When you refine an element, the expansion ratio at the intereface of refined and unrefined regions will be 2. How is that different between Fluent and CFX?

The only thing about CFX is that, if you apply the adaptation to a structured mesh, at the intereface of refined/unrefined regions, you get tets. So if you want a high-quality mesh, your best bet would be to design a non-uniform mesh manually.

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