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tav98f June 6, 2011 19:56

Particle ID
Is there such a thing as a particle ID in CFX?
If there is not (which I imagine is the case becasue I can not find one) then how does CFX keep track of particles?

ghorrocks June 7, 2011 18:48

The particles are given a count number. You can see it in CFD-Post. Is this what you mean?

tav98f June 9, 2011 15:26

Sorry it took so long to get back. I do not think this will work.

I would be using this ID in CFX solver manager. I made a particle user routine to add some terms to the particle tracking in CFX. I would also like to do some of my own post processing so I want to output some particle attributes from my user routine. To be able to keep track of what particle these attributes are applying to it would be useful to have a particle ID number or some other way to distinguish between particles.

ghorrocks June 9, 2011 18:32

Sounds like particle count number is exactly what you want to me. That is, each particle is assigned a number, the first one being 1, then 2 etc. It is not the count of the total particles (but the final particle will equal the total particle count).

tav98f June 11, 2011 10:27

I do not see particle count number as a variable that is avaliable for me to pass to my particle user routine. How can I access particle count number in my particle user routine?

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