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jtipton2 June 7, 2011 11:44

Interpolating a results file onto multiple identical domains
I have a solid object with multiple strait and parallel cooling channels of identical geometry and of identical fluid flow boundary conditions. These channels are arranged in such a way that I am not able to take advantage of any geometric symmetry in the solid, so the whole domain needs to be modeled. Only the heat load from the surrounding solid varies for each fluid channel. Flow rates are high enough that buoyancy effects are negligible, thus the fluid flow solution is effectively decoupled from the thermal solution.

To optimize the location of the fluid channels, I need to run multiple thermal simulations. Since the channels are identical in terms of fluid flow, I would like to be able to do the following:
  1. Solve the fluid flow problem for one channel and obtain a results file.
  2. Use the "Expert Parameters" option in CFX-Pre to disable solution of the fluids and turbulence models.
  3. Use the "Simulation Control" options to load the results of the single fluid channel file as an initial condition.
  4. Copy this single channel fluid flow solution onto each of the multiple channels.
  5. Solve the thermal energy problem for the solid and all of the fluid channel domains.
I am familiar with all of the steps except #4. Essentially, I need to geometrically translate a results file similar to how an input mesh file can be translated. Does anyone know if this is possible and, if so, how it can be done?

Many Thanks

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