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famarcfd June 17, 2011 10:33

Total pressure in CFX
Hi all,
i am performing simulations related to the develpment of new axial flow impellers for axial fans.
During the post - processing i can plot "total pressure" or "total pressure in rel frame" or "total pressure in stn frame": can someone help me in understand the meaning of these different definitions of total pressure?
Reading the CFX documentantion i have found that total pressure can be calculated in the relative frame of reference (i.e. the rotating frame that contains the impeller) or in the stationary frame: and so, which is the meaning of the only "total pressure"? How "total pressure" is calculated by CFX?
And finally, which is the total pressure definition more appropriate for the characterization of the flow field close to the impeller?

...a lot of questions!! :):confused:
Thanks in advance

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