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kordou June 27, 2011 06:42

cfx-boundary contition-cel-fortran

I have o fortran program that generates an inlet temperature, a duct surface temperature, a wall heat transfer coefficient and an air temperature inside a duct. the results are writen on a text file.

I'd like some help on connecting this program with the cfx. Basically I want to run a transient run and at every time step i want cfx's boundary contitions to be updated from the text file.

i know that it can be done with cel but i do not know how

If anyone can help me here?

thanks in advanced

ghorrocks June 27, 2011 07:57

Is the fortran program coupled to the simulation results, or is it just a pre-determined function of time?

kordou June 27, 2011 14:38

The program is a stand alone. it is a code that i have made, and it calculates an estiamation of the boundary conditions that outputs on a text file. it is not linked with cfx at any way.

ghorrocks June 27, 2011 19:25

OK, in that case you can send the output of the fortran file to a text file and use the data to generate interpolation functions and/or profiles. You can do 1D or 3D interpolation functions in CFX-Pre easily.

kordou June 28, 2011 02:49

ghorrocks Thank you, i will try it :)

kordou June 30, 2011 07:05

is there any way to give a value to all cells of boundary condition surfcace so i will not have to give a value on every one cell. If i want to give a value on every cell i will have to write a huge input file with millions of lines...

ghorrocks June 30, 2011 18:43

I see. In that case I suspect this is best done in fortran as you can read an input file.

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