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HMR June 28, 2011 20:42

Resume Transient simulation
Dear CFX Users,

I am doing a Transient simulation. Total time duration I consider 100 sec.After finish of the simulation I have seen that if total time duration is at least 150-200 sec , I can get very good result. But I want to to start this simulation from where it finsihed (after 100 sec) and don't wan't to start this simulation from begginning because of time constarain( as transient simulation always taking more time than steady state simulation).

Can anybody advice me , is it possible what I want?

Another issue , I want to know that can I resume my simulation work (where it stop) if I found that electric power is turn off during simulation time.



windhair June 28, 2011 21:13

of cause you can, first set total time you expected, and than in the CFX solve, select the saved transient result file as the initial file.

For a rerun of a crashed run, you must set the backup option in CFX-Pre output control.

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