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hottern June 29, 2011 07:04

The process of heat transfer. Pipe in Pipe
Hello, I'm new in CFX, now I need to simulate the heat conduction through the pipes wall.
if someone can help me, please write me Thanks

ghorrocks June 29, 2011 07:10

Sounds like a straight forward conjugate heat transfer (CHT) simulation. There has been lots of posts on how to do this. Also the tutorial examples are good, I think the heating coil example would be relevant to you.

hottern June 29, 2011 09:06

I'm sorry, but I somehow can not choose two fluids and the temperature distribution in the walls are not visible. If you are not difficult, can help to understand. this is my project

ghorrocks June 29, 2011 18:08

Please post images on the forum. I cannot see the link you posted.

If you have two fluids then you have a multiphase model as well. Is this correct?

hottern June 30, 2011 02:11

I don't know how to pick multiphase model

Sanyo June 30, 2011 03:45

Try the tutorials first.
Hi hottern,

Saw the image posted by you. Your problem is multiphase with heat transfer. Two phases involved are air & water. There are good tutorials to understand the multiphase problems. You may try "Tutorial 15: Multiphase Flow in Mixing Vessel".

Good luck. :)


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