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siw July 1, 2011 04:48

CFD/theory/experiment ideas to demo to kids

I need to demonstrate to some kids a fluids experiment which I can match the data with both CFD (CFX) and theory (hand-calculation from analytical methods) and show how all 3 are used together. Since I don't have much funds for this I need to do it cheaply and I don't have access to a wind tunnel either. Something like Stoke's flow of a small sphere in syrup. I've also got to do this for FEA (ANSYS), so thought about bending and twisting of a beam.

Can anyone suggest some other ideas for this?


Dimon July 1, 2011 06:14

From my point of view one of the easiest demonstration is different body flows for an example
Easy for ansys modeling, some problem for hand-calculation

Another one. Just put glass with water at the rotating disk. you will see how water surface changes from plate to parabolic curve. Very cheap device, easy for hand-calculation and not very hard for ansys modeling

By the way my favorite demonstration (I always show it to my students) is vortex from the wood box filled by a smoke with small hole in front panel and back plane made from rubber. Just blow the back plate with a fist and you will see a really beautiful vortex. But this situation is very hard for hand-calculation.

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