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iBra July 2, 2011 07:59

how to use non-uniform source
hi guys :)
i have a project contain a non-uniform source
there is a receiver which absorbs heat flux (W/m^2). the heat flux in the surface of the receiver is non-uniform. I have the heat flux data as X,Y,Heat_Flux.
is it possible to insert this data to ansys cfx?
i try [Hot_Point] but the problem with this function. i cant enter the value as (W/m^2)
NOTE: the non-uniform heat flux should stay static all the run_time (doesn't change with time)
I hope can anyone could help me

ghorrocks July 3, 2011 06:57

You might be able to use a 3D interpolation function. Just define the Z coordinate to be a dummy value.

iBra July 3, 2011 16:33

I am going to try it. Thank you

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