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arunraj July 28, 2011 15:46

general doubt on solver control
i m generating a complete rotor ..
i have to give two simulation but with different mesh nodes..
1.70,00000 nodes
2.80,00000 nodes
In the 70,00000 mesh node definition file ..i have given outlet mass flow rate as 3 kg and inlet pressure as 1.5 atm
but my actual boundary conditions are 3.5 kg outlet mass and inlet pressure of 1.005 atm .
i have changed these details in 80,00000 mesh node definition file... nw i m planning to give the result file of 70,00000 mesh node as initialization file for the 80,00000 mesh node file in solver control ....
is it a correct methodology to use it ?... since the boundary conditions vary between the two definition files...

ghorrocks July 28, 2011 18:31

Don't try a mesh sensitivity study where you change parameters between meshes. The differences between meshes will be small (if you are close to a good mesh) so the mesh signal will be lost in the change in parameters.

Also a mesh change from 7n to 8n is unlikely to be large enough to be useful. See this FAQ and the link to JFE is highly recommended.

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