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sajad_abasi August 4, 2011 04:40

Update Loop = TRANS_LOOP
hello to all.
i want to calculate an integral that depends on time.i need to sum
flowrate in all passed time.i defined an additional variabe as follow:
Option = Definition
Tensor Type = SCALAR
Units = [kg/s ]
Update Loop = TRANS_LOOP
Variable Type = Specific

and then i run for 1 iterate to initailize debi=0
then i define debi to be equal to "debi+massFlow()@inlet" in the var.value
and i use the .res file of the first run as initial condition.when i start run it gives me error but when i edit "debi+massFlow()@inlet" to bo "massFlow()@inlet" it works i think debi is unknown for ansys..........

what should i do?
pls guide me in detail.

best regards.

PranjalNewton October 25, 2015 15:30

Define CEL expression X=debi+massFlow()@inlet.
And then put debi=X.

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