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cfdengineer August 4, 2011 16:07

Batch mode question
I have a job running now in batch. What I want to do is make a BC change in the ccl file and then make the batch job update that BC. Can that be done while batch is running? It would be nice if it could without having to write out the result file and then resubmitting the job.

singer1812 August 4, 2011 17:02

Couple of ways to do this. Alter it using the solver manager "edit run in progress" or use command line "cfx5control"

cfdengineer August 4, 2011 17:10

The way I am running it in batch is that I have a folder named for instance folder.dir. I know that you can use the command touch trn and it will write out a backup file and the keep iterating. What I want to do is similar is to make the batch run stop read in the updated ccl or updated def file and then continue iterating. To monitor the batch I do a tail -f then the file.out file. I cannot use solver manager to modify since batch is ruuning a a bunch of linux boxes. I tried to open a batch in progress using the windows based solver manager but it would say that it could not find the .dir folder. I will look into the cfx5control command.

CTYH January 16, 2016 21:05

:D Yes the batch way is helpful ,thank you

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