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altano August 6, 2011 18:03

Cyclone case in CFX
Hello Everyone,

I'm trying to simulate a cyclone to estimate efficiency and pressure drop values. I have got sufficient convergence for pressure drop (could'nt say the same for particle behaviour) but solver crashes in every run.


1- Mesh contains 4m tetra elements and inflation layers on walls. ( I tried diffirent mesh densities)

2- 10 different size particle described at setup, solid particle size variation 5 mic to 150 mic. Particle density is 3000 kg m^-3. One way coupled, fully coupled or both definition tried.

3-) Continuous phase is air @ 25 C

4-) SSG Reynolds Stress used as turbulence model, k-e, SST also tried

5-) Steady State analyses with different time scale and also automatic time scale had been tried.

5-) Transient analyses with different time steps had been tried

6-) Boundary conditions; mass flow outlet, pressure inlet, no slip wall

In steady state analyses I have got that message;

ERROR #001100279 has occured in subroutine ErrAction
Stopped in Routine Get_FCI_INFO

In Transient analyses, solver just said that;
CFX solver exited with return Code1.

Finally I got to say that; There is no abnormality seen in backup results and on solver monitors.

Any idea will be appreciated.


ghorrocks August 7, 2011 08:46

The error message is saying a required variable is not defined. The message is a bit cryptic so I cannot guess what variable it is. But probably something to do with the multiphase setup.

altano August 8, 2011 08:10

Thank you Glenn,

Undefined variable, it is interesting. I could get a solution file when I stopped after ~100 iterations or time steps.

ghorrocks August 8, 2011 18:27

If it runs for a short time OK then maybe not an undefined variable. My advice is to remove the physics one at a time until the message disappears to find where the problem lies.

bharath August 9, 2011 13:26

yes, altano you are right.i done cyclone separator in CFX and got different error messages and could n't find a solution.sorry to say i tried it in fluent and got the results.

altano August 9, 2011 16:29

thanks bharat and glenn

I'm little bit stranger for fluent interface and i am in rush.But yes, it seems best way is DPM method in fluent.

For now, i'm triying to get single phase transient results with RSM and use it for 1 iteration limited steady run (one way coupling particle). As I read the documents, one way coupling is close to dpm, it solves particle at the last iteration only. Regarding the my first cyclone geometry, results are reasonable.

airforcegb April 26, 2013 01:47

I have the same problem
I have no problem if I remove particle tracking

but it came back once I add particle tracking back....:eek:

ghorrocks April 26, 2013 07:27

Then you have a problem with your particle tracking setup. That is pretty obvious.

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