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soj August 9, 2011 00:27

Short Cycling (Re-Circulation)
Hi Guys,

I am fairly new with CFD and CFX (uni student) so would like to ask a couple of questions in regards to short cycling.

What would be the best way to calculate levels of short cycling or re-circulation in a problem. I have a localised jet fan problem where I have a rectangular box with a jet fan at the roof. I am to calculate the level of short cycling (if any).

I have come up with two possible ways, each with different levels of expertise required.

The first would involve just measuring how much air flow moves across the centre point of the box, compared to how much air is being moved through the jet fan.

The second would be to use particle tracking to see just how effective the jet fans are at moving the air across the space, and how much of the "dirty air" is actually being moved out and how much is being re-circulated.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, if you have any other questions, please don't hesitate.

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