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arunraj August 17, 2011 14:17

Axial Compressor experts needed....
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Hi guys,

Actually i need to produce distortion on the inlet of axial compressor and i need to study the effects on distortion . In actual compressor test they will follow some methods like Mesh Distortion Screens , Air Jet distortion generator. Even in most journals they have talked about the Distortion screens only. But these methods will consume some very Higher grid points it seems . we have facility only to do simulation with maximum of 8 million node counts. We have tried to produce distortion with porous domain at the inlet of the compressor. It has not given much satisfactory results for us. So any one suggests some methods/techniques to produce the distortion. I have attached some images which might be useful for you to get an idea...

ghorrocks August 17, 2011 18:34

If the loss due to the distortion mesh is not significant then ignore it. If it is significant then model it using a porous domain. Sounds like you have already tried this but not suceeded yet - keep at it, this is far better than directly modelling the mesh!

arunraj August 17, 2011 18:58

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Hi Glenn Horrocks,

Can you explain some what detailed manner?...You are asking me to stick on this same idea...But this model doesn't capture the effects of distortion well...I have attached some of the post files(velocity and pressure variation) for the porous domain ..Go through in your free time and give me some idea...Thank you so much your kind help Glenn

ghorrocks August 17, 2011 19:03


But this model doesn't capture the effects of distortion well
What is not captured well? Please explain the problem.

arunraj August 17, 2011 19:16

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I need to study the effect of this inflow distortion from inlet to outlet. You check the variations in pressure and velocity . It has no specific meaning. It also not matches the experimental results. I have also attached the domain

ghorrocks August 17, 2011 19:21

Sounds like this issue is covered in the FAQ:

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