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sberez August 21, 2011 09:51

Two-phase flow + evaporation

I want to simulate air flow over a small (1X1 m^2) open water reservoir.
The air temperature is 35 C and water temperature is 20 C.
The air approaching the reservoir is humid with relative humidity of 70%.
How do I simulate this problem (change in air temperature, increase in air vapor content) to find the conditions after the air passes over the reservoir?

mauricio August 21, 2011 19:29

For starters ,You'd need to setup the domain as one gas fluid as a mixture of water vapor + air ideal gas, another fluid as just the water, and then, a binary fluid mixture made of water and water vapor to capture the evaporation between them by antoine coefficients. There's a tutorial with those evaporation settings i think, but for lagrange-euler fluid. In this case it'd be Euler-Euler where both phases are continuous .

sberez August 22, 2011 05:09

thanks for your reply, i've made the same settings of the domain but i'm having trouble defining the model, do you have a link to that tutorial or is it made by Ansys?

mauricio August 22, 2011 06:37

It's the "spray dryer" tutorial that comes with ansys cfx 12.

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